Saturday, December 1, 2012

Septermber 3, 2012

Hola familia, nothing really new this week either, just preaching the word as always. I´m also learning the piano, sign language, and spanish all from the same Family. we´ve been teaching and baptizing each of them one by one and learning things from them as well. Raul, the father, teaches how to play every musical instrument ever invented, and he´s a pro in all of them. Eric, the son, is fluent in english and spanish, plays the guitar, and probably every other instrument as well haha. Carito, the youngest Daughter, is fluent in english, spanish, japanese, and is now learning chinese. she´s 14 :p Alejandrina, the oldest daughter, well, we don´t see her much. she works a lot. but i know she speaks english. she can probably fly and shoot lasers from her eyes too. i wouldn´t be surprised with this family.
anyway, that´s today´s message. talk to y´all later!

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