Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

I´m glad things are going well. haha Christmas is gonna be so different. it´s like 80 degrees here still. and It doesn´t ever snow. haha before I forget, if you guys wanna send me like 4 short sleeved shirts of size 16 and 1/2, and like 2 pairs of pants size 38x30 for christmas, that would be awesome :) haha just because every bit of clothing I have now is WAY to big. haha don´t even get me started on my suit jacket. Can I ask y´all a favor? could you lock my facebook pictures and things from the outside world for me? thanks, haha i prefer to remain an enigma.
well, no complaints this week. 15 days and I´ll be skyping you guys, so we can catch up then. could you please send me the skype info of whoever has skype in our house? haha, I still don´t know what time I´ll be on, so I´ll update you on that... anyway, hope all is well. we´re finally getting investigators that really have a desire to change their lives for the better. I´ll keep you updated :)
Oh, ps. I completely exploded at my companion this week and told him everything I hate about him. now we get along. at least better than when he didnt know haha. alright. talk to you all next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS :) 

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