Monday, February 18, 2013

18 Februsry 2013


¡Hola familia!
How goes the war? things are good here. I get along really well with my companion, and in a week I`ll have been on a mission for 9 months. time is flying by and the mission life is some crazy stuff. I feel like I`ve matured so much here and no one`s even gonna recognize me when I get back. haha, now I`m just strolling down memory lane. anyway, we have some people preparing to be baptized, so I`ll keep you updated. they just arrived at church by themselves this past Sunday, we didn`t even make to invite haha. I`m hoping to learn a lot more and I`m starting to feel more and more at home here. haha when I get back, I`ll feel like a visitor when I get back there haha. I don`t even know if I`ll be able to pronounce words right in english haha. well, I`ll keep y`all updated on my life and times as they come and go. nos vemos!

Elder Stormy Sheppard

February 4, 2013

How´s everything? everything here´s just fine. I found out that this entire area I´m in right now is built on a mountain. I never knew what it meant to walk up hill both ways until I got here -____-. It´s all good. anyway, I´m having a much better time now that I´ve decided to stop complaining hahaha. It´s WAY hot here, and can you all believe I´ve already been gone 8 months? crazy huh? hope everyone´s save there. hey, If anyone over there feels like they wanna memorize the scriptures, they should serve a mission. trust me, it works :p anyway, still no baptisms really we´re still looking and giving service to everyone we come in contact with. I´ll continue to keep you updated :)
--- Stormy

28 January 2013

Okay, so i got the christmas card in the mail it was pimpin´ hahaha. well, I´m pretty excited because they´ve finally transferred me. I had been in my first area 6 months, and they finally transferred me from there so I can resume my spiritual growth :D My new companion´s name is Elder Lopez (I know, how original), but from what i can tell we´ll be getting along quite nicely. hey, can you all believe I´m 20 years old now? I feel like I should be growing a beard or something.... well, pictures are coming soon, when i can figure out where i can send mail here, and I´ll be sending the memory card :p well, I´m not a Zone Leader or anything yet, but I´ll keep y├íll updated. ¡Hasta Luego!