Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014
This is Elder Sheppard's final blog from Mexico City:
Hola Familia!
Wow… I never thought this day would come… but it´s the last email I´ll ever send from my (first) mission… I´ll be home in 2 days… I don´t really have much to say, just stories, haha, but they´re all stories that can be told in 2 days :p Jacob wasn´t lying when he says that our lives pass ¨As if they were a dream¨. I´ll see you all as soon as possible.
Stay in School and Church. I know I will :p
Elder Stormy Sheppard

Saturday, May 24, 2014

This is Stormy Blog for May 19 2014

Well, looks like I`m quite literally on the home stretch now :p The truth is, I feel like there`s still a ton of work to do. I don`t think it`s hit me yet that I`m so close to the end, at least not in the same way I`ve seen it hit other Elders... But my companion and I are still in the game, haha, we even had a baptism this weekend. Her name is Dulce. She`s one of the member`s girlfriend. She pretty much just walked up to us on the street, said, "I wanna get baptized this month, I already know about Joseph Smith and the Plan of Salvatin, but you guys can help me review everything and then baptize me." And the rest is history. She`s now a very close friend of ours... it`s odd how the gospel does that to a friendship, makes you seem like you`ve known the person forever when you`ve only been friends for a month. Anyway, that`s the big update this week, our zone had 8 baptisms :), And we`re still shooting for the stars. Gotta go, but next week, I hope to have more news. It`ll be my last time posting it :p haha. Stay in school! Remember who you are.
Elder Stormy Sheppard

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is Stormy blog for April 19 2014

What up FAMILIA???

So, I feel like, this tranfer, I`ve gone through a drastic change. I went from a 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom house. Haha, I guess this is what it`s like living with the mission secretaries... :p Anyway, my new comp (and my last one, this time for sure :p) is Elder Cea, From El Salvador. I`ve already known him for like, 7 months, but we were never companions before this transfer. Actually, I was his district leader, remember, when I was in Salamanca? now we`re both Zone Leaders together! Haha, I know no one knows, or even really cares what all that means, but I think it´s pretty cool :p We really have our work cut out for us though, because there`s NOTHING in the way of progress here. I don´t know what they were doing here for 7 and a half months, but I´m pretty sure I´m here to help fix it in some way :p anyway, I live with two other missionaries too (again), and that´s alright too. when I have news, I`ll let you know, haha. Until then,

Stay in School!
Elder Stormy Sheppard
This is Stormy's blog for April 7 2014


What up??? okay, so this week was good. I talked to the mission president a lot about the fact that I don´t give in to every order my companion gives me, but for some odd reason, he expects me to do it :p He just doesn´t understand yet that his companion is of Sheppard/Palmer descent, but this week I´ll help him to realize it, because we still have a month and a half left together. haha, but don´t worry, more than half the time we get along I think :p
Anyway, this was my last General Conference in the mission... It´s so weird to think that I only have 7 weeks of mission left. I feel like I just got here :p And I don´t really have a ton to say anymore. nothing cool has happened this week. actually, number-wise, it was our worst week in a while, but I learned from Deiter F. Uchtdorf that we should thank God, even in times of trial, for the blessings that we DO have, so that´s what I´m working on. Thanks for praying for me, and sending me a lot of blessings out here. just know that none of your prayers have gone to waste :) I´m just gonna put the pedal to the metal this last transfer, and I´ll have a lot of baptism stories and pictures for you guys these last few weeks :)
Stay in school!

Elder Sheppard

Ps. I wrestled with my companion today so he could "Show me how strong he really is" as he put it. haha, you tell me who won.