Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This is Stormy's blog for April 7 2014


What up??? okay, so this week was good. I talked to the mission president a lot about the fact that I don´t give in to every order my companion gives me, but for some odd reason, he expects me to do it :p He just doesn´t understand yet that his companion is of Sheppard/Palmer descent, but this week I´ll help him to realize it, because we still have a month and a half left together. haha, but don´t worry, more than half the time we get along I think :p
Anyway, this was my last General Conference in the mission... It´s so weird to think that I only have 7 weeks of mission left. I feel like I just got here :p And I don´t really have a ton to say anymore. nothing cool has happened this week. actually, number-wise, it was our worst week in a while, but I learned from Deiter F. Uchtdorf that we should thank God, even in times of trial, for the blessings that we DO have, so that´s what I´m working on. Thanks for praying for me, and sending me a lot of blessings out here. just know that none of your prayers have gone to waste :) I´m just gonna put the pedal to the metal this last transfer, and I´ll have a lot of baptism stories and pictures for you guys these last few weeks :)
Stay in school!

Elder Sheppard

Ps. I wrestled with my companion today so he could "Show me how strong he really is" as he put it. haha, you tell me who won.

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