Friday, May 10, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hola Familia!

What up? how`s life? okay, first update guys, I weighed myself here for the first time, and I`ve lost 51 pounds! how cool is that? but anyway, we`re starting to make a ton of progress with finding new people to teach, so i hope it starts to yield pleasing results soon. hmmm.... still speaking spanish, and still learning a ton. but nothing too drastic. but keep praying and all that good stuf. just remember everyone, God has not forsaken you.
-- Stormy
April 8, 2013

Family, hey, okay, so this week, nothing too drastic happened this week, honestly I need to start stepping up my game.  a lot of missionaries that come up on the year mark end up falling into laziness, and I need to get out of that rut before it starts.  I ate the hottest salsa I've ever eaten here. it was from the US. and it almost made my EARS BLEED it was so bad. also , story of the week: this woman ran up to us it the street and yelled, "MORMONS"?!?! and we were like, "...yes...?" and she says, "YOU'RE POLYGAMISTS THEN! I'M READING A BOOK THAT JOHN SMITH WROTE WHERE HE SAYS HE'S IN HELL BECAUSE HE HAS 7 WIVES!!!" then she said this insult that I can't explain in English, and walked away.  If she would've stayed, I would've said this insult that I can't explain in English, and walked away.  If she would've stayed, I would've said, "Lady, there are so many things wrong with what you just said, that I'm not even gonna dignify you, or the pastor who told you to tell us that garbage, with a response. "hahaha there's so much to learn here and I have a lot of work to do folks, keep praying stay in school and all that. talk to ya next week.
_____Elder Sheppard
April 1, 2013

Hola Familia,

Haha well, I've finally been on a mission 10 months.  I'm comin' up on that one year mark. just here to fill you all in, okay, so my companion was transfered this morning randomly...the only one I've gotten along with so far and we were together the shortest time...go figure, anyway,  have a new companion now that seems kind of dry, but we'll see.   you can't judge a book by it's cover anyway.  Fabiola is still working on leaving her work behind she has said that she wants to get baptized, but we've  explained to her that she can't do it while she's working in what she is working in, let's see...hmmm...well, I'm in a very positive mood about my new companion so hopefully this goes well.  I received a letter this week  that pretty much changed my whole outlook on the mission and life in a good way. well I'm off to change some lives! good luck with everything and I'll talk to you in a month over Skype, family!!!