Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24 2013


Hello folks! well the mission just gets crazier and crazier. I thought the baptisms of last week would be the highlight for a while, but this just in! I`ve been changed to a new mission! Mexico Queretaro is what it`s called, and change of address and stuff will be coming soon. looks like they needed some superpowered spirits up here, haha, who better to call than Stormy Sheppard? but yeah, that`s really all for right now, because I don`t really have any info besides that :p but more next week when I get my feet on the ground here in Queretaro :p nos vemos!!! :D

Monday, June 17, 2013

May 27 2013

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Familia! Como esta?  okay, so this week has been npretty much a repeat of the last.  Fabiola spoke with the mission president again, and still can't be baptized.  I have no idea why but I'm sick of it.  also  she lost her keys somewhere in the vicinity of the church yesterday, and we actually haven't been able to leave the building since haha. it's so far from our house and she's our only ride. we didn't sleep here, haha but we did have to come back in a taxi today to help her search again. we've been here since 9:30am, and that's really the only big even of this week...I've also officially been on a mission for a year and 5 days :) how cool's that? but I've realized that I still don't know anything :p I'll keep you guys posted, but eat your fruits and vegetables ad stuff. 
p.s. the president and I don't get along so well...Elder Sheppard 
BLOG TIME:  June 10 2013

Okay everyone! how's life? how's America? Well Mexico and I are great:) we've decided to really get into the grind this week, and we've found like 5 new people!and two of them have already accepted the gospel :) I've strengthened my testimony in a ton of things this week, one of them being fasting. that's definitely one thing that's never failed me out here. as for Fabiola, still can't be baptized, but we're working on it, because she's the one that's been preaching and helping us find all of these new people she's a better church member than most of the church members I know, so we gotta get her in the water haha. well, that's all for this week.  Its been fantastic.  11 months left my friends. . .

Elder Sheppard