Friday, January 24, 2014

January 20 2014:


Alrighty, so right now, not a ton of stuff has happened this week, but a couple did get married! he`s a member, she wasn`t, til we baptized her >:) the Rush Hour duo`s doin`work! which is probably why they left u together another change :p but they`re changing our area, or changing u to a new one I guess... We`re now gonna share a ward with two sister missionaries, so we`ll ee how that goes :p
Other than that, we haven`t gotten to our new area yet, so I`ll save the ninja stories for next week, haha. here`s a picture, I used to think I couldn`t get any more handsome... haha! okay, I`ll have more for y`all next week, straight for Rush Hour 2, now that our first movie ended >:)

Stay in school!

Elder Stormy Sheppard
January 13 2014


Okay, we´ve been SO BUSY this week. we´re trying to put the example for the rest of the zone, so now we have 30 investigators, and of those 30, 5 of them are actively working toward a specific baptismal date. We have a ton of work to do, so we´ve just been pretty lost in the obra this week. nothing funny has happe-- WAIT! So we´re standing at the ATM machine, right, and I slid my card through, and pulled it out. and 4 or 5 times it told me that my card "Couldn´t be read", so I was getting way mad, and Jackie Chan (AKA: Elder Poma) says, "You have to slide it slower or the lady in the machine won´t be able to read it!" And I was just like...... WHAT?? and he was all, "Yeah, there´s a lady in the machine that reads the cards and hands out the money, you didn´t know?" and I told him "Please tell me you´re joking." and he was all, ".... Don´t tell me you actually believe that the machine does all that stuff by itself." Then he looked at me and was all, "Actually, I was just kidding--" and I was like, "TOO LATE FOR SORRY!" And I called the whole zone to tell them that Elder Poma belives that they pay people to sit in ATM machines and hand out money! haha, he said that in Peru it must be like that because sometimes it gives fake bills! I was laughing so hard. this is the best companionship ever. We also got a couple to get married, well, God really did it, and now she´s getting baptized this Sunday! They´re gonna give us the changes this week, but I¨m pretty sure we´re staying together another month and a half, because there´s too much success going on to split us up now :p

Anyway, that´s this week´s story. stay in school and keep focusing on what really matters please.

Elder Stormy Sheppard
January 6 2014


Còmo estàn? Okay, so this week wasn`t all that crazy, but we`ve been getting a TON of work done. we still haven`t seen any trolls, goblins, or witches, but we`re going with a family tonight that says that every 6th of January, a witch appears and follows them. so we`re about to sort that one out and then move onto the rest... this week has literally felt like 2 days. it`s been full of work, and that`s the good part. I have to buy a new USB to be able to send you guys pictures, because mine danced with the ugliest... Sorry I won`t get to write much today, there isn`t much time. but we`re teaching 30 people right now and we`re gonna get them ALL ready for baptism >:) alright, gotta go work but stay in school! and all that jazz.

Elder Stormy Sheppard

Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 30 2013


Okay, so this eek wasn´t too full of surprises, but it was awesome talking to you guys! Christmas was good, we spent it with the district, so we´re becoming pretty united :)
So, I´ve been thinking a lot about how New Years is coming up, and how I have to change my toothbrush.... ANYWAY, we´ve found so many new people who are seaching for their TRUE purpose in life, and ho are gonna start the year with drastic, but necessary changes, and I´m really happy for them. I´m also thinking about how hilarious it is that 2 years ago we were all saying it was gonna be the end of the world... haha, but we´re still here :p I don´t kno, I guess this week, I´ve just had a lot of time to reminisce...
I really dont have a ton to say, but I hope you all had a good Christmas, and I hope you all start the New Year well. in 5 months I´ll see you all in person, and I´ll be able to say that the whole year of 2013, I lived in Mexico :)
Talk to you next week. Stay in school. remember hy we´re here :p

Elder Stormy Sheppard
December 23 2013


Alright, this transfer´s just getting better and better :) I have so many stories for you this week, but if I don´t get them all out, I´ll just tell you in 2 days when we talk over Skype :D
First: It was a dark and stormy night... not really. It was just a regular night, but the story´s still good. So Jackie Chan (My companion) and I are walking home after a hard day of teaching, and there was a bread salesman in the street, so I was like, "I´m starving" and he said "me dos" so we went to buy bread. The guy was watching that movie, The Spiderwick chronicles, and I asked him about it. and he was like, "see that troll in the movie?" "yeah...." "they exist!" And he just went off about how trolls exist and how he went to a ranch with his friend and a band of trolls started to try to get into his truck to "play tricks" on them, but he didn´t let them. hahaha we were trying so hard not to laugh at this guy. and my comp says, "So, does the Chupacabra exist then?" and this bread guy says, "The Chupacabra? that´s just a myth! but trolls! watch out for those guys!" That´s how we started the week.
But it gets better. We went with the bishops wife TODAY, and we asked her jokingly, "Hermana, do trolls exist?" and she looks at us and says, "Well, I don´t know about trolls, but GOBLINS! now those little guys are dengerous!" then she literally goes off on a rant about all the times her sone has been pushed down by goblins in the street and how one lived behind her bookshelf. it was great... but it´s not over yet.
Then, we went with a family, and started telling them about all those stories, and they were like, "Elders, We´ve never seen goblins or trolls, don´t believe everything you hear.... but WITCHES! one of those was tormenting us once!" and then they just went off about how a bulb of light (Which I guess was the witch) was following them around like 15 years ago, and how the ring girl was her daughter´s imaginary friend or something..... anyway, when all was said and done, my companion and I came to the conclusion that we need to go home and check our call letters to see If they say Mexico, or Narnia, because now we don´t even know where we´ve ended up :p

But that´s been our week. never a dull moment with the Rush Hour Companionship! I´ll let you know if we see any more mythological creatures, hahaha....

Stay in school, see you all on Christmas. 

Elder Stormy Sheppard