Friday, January 24, 2014

January 13 2014


Okay, we´ve been SO BUSY this week. we´re trying to put the example for the rest of the zone, so now we have 30 investigators, and of those 30, 5 of them are actively working toward a specific baptismal date. We have a ton of work to do, so we´ve just been pretty lost in the obra this week. nothing funny has happe-- WAIT! So we´re standing at the ATM machine, right, and I slid my card through, and pulled it out. and 4 or 5 times it told me that my card "Couldn´t be read", so I was getting way mad, and Jackie Chan (AKA: Elder Poma) says, "You have to slide it slower or the lady in the machine won´t be able to read it!" And I was just like...... WHAT?? and he was all, "Yeah, there´s a lady in the machine that reads the cards and hands out the money, you didn´t know?" and I told him "Please tell me you´re joking." and he was all, ".... Don´t tell me you actually believe that the machine does all that stuff by itself." Then he looked at me and was all, "Actually, I was just kidding--" and I was like, "TOO LATE FOR SORRY!" And I called the whole zone to tell them that Elder Poma belives that they pay people to sit in ATM machines and hand out money! haha, he said that in Peru it must be like that because sometimes it gives fake bills! I was laughing so hard. this is the best companionship ever. We also got a couple to get married, well, God really did it, and now she´s getting baptized this Sunday! They´re gonna give us the changes this week, but I¨m pretty sure we´re staying together another month and a half, because there´s too much success going on to split us up now :p

Anyway, that´s this week´s story. stay in school and keep focusing on what really matters please.

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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