Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stormy's blog for April 26 2014


Okay, so I´ve pretty much spent this whole week raising up this area I´m in. If President´s goal in putting me here was to help me not to think about home, he did a good job, Because I haven´t had time to think about ANYTHING but work, haha. We´ve found around 17 new people to teach in the past two weeks, and now the goal is to get them to progress in the gospel, which is the hard part, because everyone just wants to conform themselves with what they have :p, and they never search for something better...
I have two stories this week! One is a story... the other... an incident.
First, the incident. We were playing soccer, I was the goalie. I tried to block the ball, and ended up blocking it with the.... ahem... wrong part of my body... and now I can say that the most painful experience I´ve ever had happened to me in the mission feild. If you´ve ever felt how hard a Mexican kicks a soccer ball, you know what I´m talking about :/
Okay, next, yesterday, I was walking with Elder Cea in the morning, and we had just had a great lesson with a new investigator. So I said, "That was a really good lesson, don´t you think?" and he paused for a long time, and said, "... Sometimes I wish I had two right hands. that way I could stretch them both out tmmo people and they wouldn´t know which one to shake."
That ended that conversation :p
Then later, in the evening, I was like, "Elder, I´m starving. What´re we gonna eat?" And Elder Cea says, "... Sometimes I wish I had claws like Wolverine. That could be useful."
Haha, I had no clue that Kat from victorious was my mission comanion :p but he´s awesome. At least there´s never a dull moment here :)
Anyway, this week, that´s all I have. Nothing huge, but still sicnificant.
Stay in school!

Elder Stormy Sheppard