Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

I´m glad things are going well. haha Christmas is gonna be so different. it´s like 80 degrees here still. and It doesn´t ever snow. haha before I forget, if you guys wanna send me like 4 short sleeved shirts of size 16 and 1/2, and like 2 pairs of pants size 38x30 for christmas, that would be awesome :) haha just because every bit of clothing I have now is WAY to big. haha don´t even get me started on my suit jacket. Can I ask y´all a favor? could you lock my facebook pictures and things from the outside world for me? thanks, haha i prefer to remain an enigma.
well, no complaints this week. 15 days and I´ll be skyping you guys, so we can catch up then. could you please send me the skype info of whoever has skype in our house? haha, I still don´t know what time I´ll be on, so I´ll update you on that... anyway, hope all is well. we´re finally getting investigators that really have a desire to change their lives for the better. I´ll keep you updated :)
Oh, ps. I completely exploded at my companion this week and told him everything I hate about him. now we get along. at least better than when he didnt know haha. alright. talk to you all next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS :) 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hola Familia!

Okay. Como estan las cosas?  So this week, we've been in a bit of a rut, we have no one who wants to get baptized and almost no investigators, so we've stopped visiting ALL OF THEM.  we've decided to search only for the people who have been prepared   to receive the gospel.  I still don't really talk much these days, but it's cool because at least I'm no longer arguing with my companion.  I kept everything bottled up so long that I finally exploded the other day and went off on everyone haha. . .but that's okay because I feel better now. mostly.  Okay! story of the week!

We met John the beloved and the virgin, Mary the other day.  There was a guy walking with his robes (yes, he was wearing robes) and his hood up, and like 3 bags of who knows what and he stopped when he saw us, threw the bags down and exclaimed, "ELDERS!" and opened his arms to hug us.   He said, "do you have a Book of Mormon for me?"  We handed him one, realizing he was drunk haha.  He said, "I would baptize myself in your church, but I don't believe in Moroni.  If you can show me proof that he existed. I'll get baptized."  So I told him that the Book of Mormon is the proof, then, this woman came up from behind (As far as we know, her and the man didn't know each other) and the woman said, "What's your name?"  he said "I am the voice that cries in the desert."  and we were like wow you're  John the beloved and he said, call me matthew. then he hugged each of us, picked up his bags and stumbled away  The woman was nowhere to be found.

Does anyone have an interpretation for this incident?  haha hope all is well!  Talk to you all next week!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 26, 2012 

Hola Familia!!
Haha I can tell you all thought of me this Thanksgiving by the fact that my inbox is completely devoid of anything recieved from a blood relation. haha it´s all good, don-e´worboudit. Anyway, things are okay. my companion absolutely refuses to do anything that´s my idea though. haha I´m more amused than mad about it. today, we sat in the house for an hour and a half doing literally NOTHING. why, you ask? because Elder Otaño couldn´t think of anything to do. haha he asked me, and I came up with like 6 ideas, but because none of them were derived from his own personal thought process, we ended up sitting in the house from 11am until right now. thats my funny story of the week :p I completed 6 moths in the mission on the 23, so my first quarter is over. it was a bit bumpy, but I learned a ton so we´re good :) Until next week! this is Elder Stormy Sheppard, signing off.

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 2:16 PM, 


What up dawg? okay, so i´m feeling pretty good about everything right now. I didnt get to send any letters out, because it´s some sort of holiday. but right now there are really no complaints. I got them all out last week haha. we have two people who have recieved the answer to their prayer and want to get baptized. and for now we´re focusing on finding new people. which is hard because we´re not allowed to knock doors or contact in the street anymore. we´re working strictly with member referals, so if you have family and friends living in Cuautitlan Izcalli, GET THOSE REFERALS SENT!!! because we need all the help we can get. right now, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary has happened, I dont know why, because the life of an LDS missionary is usually such a party :p. no. but anyway, I´ll keep you guys posted. If someone wants to send me a million dollars, that´d be cool too. just a suggestion.

August 27 2012


What´s up? this week, I almost lost my life. no i didn´t get mugged, shot at, chased, arrested, or anything like that. I HAD TO CLEAN OUR BATHROOM. okay, I didnt HAVE to clean it, but it hadn´t been cleaned in like, 4 months. and i was sick of paying 3 pesos every time i had to use a public restroom... anyway, this week didn´t really contain much.. no baptisms... nothing but toilets... oh, and i got all my mail this week too, so that´s pretty cool :) anyway, I´ll keep yáll updated

Monday, November 5, 2012

Okay, this week has been crazy. We lost an entire family because we (and when I say we I mean my companion) Went over the heads of our higher ups and told this 9 year old kid we´d baptize him even though his parents aren´t members, married, or interested in keeping the commandments... which isn´t allowed in the church. obviously because our goal is eternal families. Anyway, needless to say our president said no, but the family had already invited everyone over and bought the white clothes and everything, so we had to go to the house in front of everyone and tell them that our president said no. the mom got so mad that she pulled a Natalie Sheppard and called the authorities of the church :p you have no clue how much trouble we were in... now the family says our church isn´t of God and they never want anything to do with it again. but Elder Piotroski wrote them a letter saying that it wasn´t the fault of the church, it was our fault because we went over everyone´s heads just because my companion wanted a baptism before his transfer.... it´s been an insane past week...
Well, I have a new companion now. Elder Otaño. he´s cool, doesn´t talk much, always looks mad. reminds me of me when I first got here :p tune in next week for more from the adventures of Elder Sheppard: México Edition.

October 22, 2012

Hey familia :) so this week was pretty normal. I baptized Heberto and found out that the first person I baptized the first week I got here Already forgot that he was a mamber of the church and goes to a different religion. haha talk about horrible memory, but whatever. Anyway, we´re searching for new people right now so nothing really new. I speak spanish now. and i´m gonna start searching for the 3 nephites. thats about it. haha hope you´re all safe and stuff. until next week!!!

October 15, 2012

Thank you for those songs. and I´m glad you liked my letter. you can pretty much use anything that isn´t directly intended for the family as blog information.

So there´s this investigator named Heberto, and pretty much every missionary in the world has tried to convert him and failed. his wife is a member and he does everything that members do, but he didn´t want to be baptized still. so my companion and I went to him for the last time to tell him that, since he wasnt progressing, we would have to stop coming to his house.
We arrived, and we started talking about the temple and eternal families. it got to the point where i said to him, "Heberto, why do you pay your tithing?" he said, "because I´ve seen the blessings from it and I believe in it." so i pretty much went off for like 10 minutes Stormy Sheppard style about how he´s never gonna see the blessings of an eternal family if he´s never baptized, and that´s why we focus so much on it. so to stop focusing so much on how pressured you feel by the missionaries and start thinking about how you feel about your wife.

He´s getting baptized this Sunday >:)

That was my experience of the week, haha.

Septermber 3, 2012

Hola familia, nothing really new this week either, just preaching the word as always. I´m also learning the piano, sign language, and spanish all from the same Family. we´ve been teaching and baptizing each of them one by one and learning things from them as well. Raul, the father, teaches how to play every musical instrument ever invented, and he´s a pro in all of them. Eric, the son, is fluent in english and spanish, plays the guitar, and probably every other instrument as well haha. Carito, the youngest Daughter, is fluent in english, spanish, japanese, and is now learning chinese. she´s 14 :p Alejandrina, the oldest daughter, well, we don´t see her much. she works a lot. but i know she speaks english. she can probably fly and shoot lasers from her eyes too. i wouldn´t be surprised with this family.
anyway, that´s today´s message. talk to y´all later!