Saturday, December 1, 2012

November 26, 2012 

Hola Familia!!
Haha I can tell you all thought of me this Thanksgiving by the fact that my inbox is completely devoid of anything recieved from a blood relation. haha it´s all good, don-e´worboudit. Anyway, things are okay. my companion absolutely refuses to do anything that´s my idea though. haha I´m more amused than mad about it. today, we sat in the house for an hour and a half doing literally NOTHING. why, you ask? because Elder Otaño couldn´t think of anything to do. haha he asked me, and I came up with like 6 ideas, but because none of them were derived from his own personal thought process, we ended up sitting in the house from 11am until right now. thats my funny story of the week :p I completed 6 moths in the mission on the 23, so my first quarter is over. it was a bit bumpy, but I learned a ton so we´re good :) Until next week! this is Elder Stormy Sheppard, signing off.

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