Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

first off, happy Birthday to mom. and tomorrow to Nataliej. it´s easy to lose track of time here, so I just realized that it´s already september.
haha, i´m learning so much here. spanish is almost second nature, so that´s not that big of an issue anymore :p
I´ve written some letters home, so let me know when you get them. other than that... i don´t know, preaching, baptizing, weird looks on the street as usual. it´s not bad though. a lot of times we dont have to contact people because they´re so amazed by seeing a black person, that most of them ask us about ourselves on their own. haha well, back to spreading the word :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

August 6 2012

Okay, so I had my first baptism this past sunday, I actually baptized the guy, so here are those photos.

tambien yo tengo photos de when we at chinese mexican food.

also when I ate grasshoppers. (It was funny because I ate like 50 before they actually told me what they were :p)

Some more from the MTC with my teachers... and yeah, I think thats it. more to come!
September 3 2012
Hola familia, nothing really new this week either, just preaching the word as always. I´m also learning the piano, sign language, and spanish all from the same Family. we´ve been teaching and baptizing each of them one by one and learning things from them as well. Raul, the father, teaches how to play every musical instrument ever invented, and he´s a pro in all of them. Eric, the son, is fluent in english and spanish, plays the guitar, and probably every other instrument as well haha. Carito, the youngest Daughter, is fluent in english, spanish, japanese, and is now learning chinese. she´s 14 :p Alejandrina, the oldest daughter, well, we don´t see her much. she works a lot. but i know she speaks english. she can probably fly and shoot lasers from her eyes too. i wouldn´t be surprised with this family.
anyway, that´s today´s message. talk to y´all later!
August 27 2012


What´s up? this week, I almost lost my life. no i didn´t get mugged, shot at, chased, arrested, or anything like that. I HAD TO CLEAN OUR BATHROOM. okay, I didnt HAVE to clean it, but it hadn´t been cleaned in like, 4 months. and i was sick of paying 3 pesos every time i had to use a public restroom... anyway, this week didn´t really contain much.. no baptisms... nothing but toilets... oh, and i got all my mail this week too, so that´s pretty cool :) anyway, I´ll keep y├íll updated.
August 20, 2012Familia!

How are things? for me, they were good until today. I´ll get back to that later :p
Anyway, I´m finally fulfilling my dream of learning the piano! haha one of our investigators gives music lessons so, while we were teaching him, I mentioned wanting to learn the piano, and the rest is history. I´m also learning how to snap, haha apparently here it´s hilarious that I don´t know how... -_____-
Okay, so here, I went to a house and they were watching Dora the explorer, and here, she teaches kids english and the rest is all in Spanish hahaha I heard it and was like ¨Where AM I?¨
Is it weird that all the movies I wanna watch right now are kids movies? haha stuff like The Emporer´s New Groove and Tangled... anyway, we´re so much more involved with the members here than the missionaries in the US. I´ve never even met a missionary in the US, but here, all of the missionaries are friends with everyone haha. what´s wrong with that picture?
Everyone here is apparently still surprised that black people exist outside of television, but it´s okay, at least that draws attention to the church.