Monday, September 10, 2012

August 20, 2012Familia!

How are things? for me, they were good until today. I´ll get back to that later :p
Anyway, I´m finally fulfilling my dream of learning the piano! haha one of our investigators gives music lessons so, while we were teaching him, I mentioned wanting to learn the piano, and the rest is history. I´m also learning how to snap, haha apparently here it´s hilarious that I don´t know how... -_____-
Okay, so here, I went to a house and they were watching Dora the explorer, and here, she teaches kids english and the rest is all in Spanish hahaha I heard it and was like ¨Where AM I?¨
Is it weird that all the movies I wanna watch right now are kids movies? haha stuff like The Emporer´s New Groove and Tangled... anyway, we´re so much more involved with the members here than the missionaries in the US. I´ve never even met a missionary in the US, but here, all of the missionaries are friends with everyone haha. what´s wrong with that picture?
Everyone here is apparently still surprised that black people exist outside of television, but it´s okay, at least that draws attention to the church.

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