Monday, August 13, 2012

Another week down haha. If there´s one thing i´ve realized about México, it´s that there are 3 types of personas:
1. the ones that make fun of me because i´m black.
2. the ones that want to marry me because i´m black ;)
and 3. the ones who can´t decide so they sit and stare at me waiting to watch me sprout wings and fly off into the heavens with book of mormon in hand.
Haha but it´s cool i love it here. I´m learning so much about the doctrine and the language. haha I may forget english though... the people are so humble and loving though for the most part. they want to feed you til you explode. and a lot of them are studying english so they sypathize with my disability... hahaha :p we had 2 more baptisms this sunday. not by me because i still need to get new white pants, but still, BAPTISMS :D I´m bout to go convert this whole country. I´M FINISHED. WHERE DA INVESTIGATORS AT?!

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  1. Hey Stormy,
    I have been reading your posts and you are so funny. I am glad that you are enjoying your mission. How's the Espanol coming? We pray for you every night and we know that are one rockin' awesome missionary. We love you.