Tuesday, July 31, 2012

¡Hey familia!

it was great to see you at the airport :) The first thing I´ve noticed after my first week of being a Mexican is that about 30% of the people here don´t speak any english. so the language gap is huge. the people talk so fast that, after a week, the only person I can really understand is my compañero, Elder Piotroski. haha but it,s okay, because when the people try to make fun of my Spanish, I just go english on them and they don,t know what happened >:)
I,ve met a ton of new people but I don,t really talk much to anyone but my companion, the bishop´s wife, and like, 4 of our investigators haha. those are the only people i can keep up with in spanish at the moment :p I taught a familia in english (partially) last night and afterward my companion told me I have the potential to be a great leader with the power of my words then he said, ´´if you ever learn spanish´´. haha yeah.... ANYWAY, the language is coming pretty well. If I thought anyone besides Lisa Wiseman would understand, I´d type in español ;) anyway, the first week is down and I´ve actually spoken in probably 2 lessons :p out of like 50... I´ll keep everyone updated, and if you wanna send me anything, this is the address to send it to:

Elder James Stormy Sheppard
Apartado Postal 98
Cuautitlan Izcalli, Edo. De México 54740

that´s it for now, next week I´ll be back with more! Also, no baptisms yet. but I´ll give it another day >:) 
ps. sorry about the typos. this keyboard´s insane.

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