Friday, May 25, 2012

e received Stormy's first letter today, and we were ecstatic! We can already see that he has changed a bit, but he's still the same old Stormy. Enjoy!

Dear Familia,

Hey, how is everyone?  If I don't break the rules, it'll be at least a week before you recieve this.  If not, you'll know your Son is A REBEL.  Haha  I don't know if I sound like I've changed, apparently everyone does after the first day. . . .anyway, now that I've been here for a day ther is DEFINITELY stuff I need!
.  first things first.  Envelopes, Stamps. (seriously?)
.  Second, those Athletic shoes. (size 12. we get 1 hour of gym time 5 days a week!  Smiley face
. A watch.  I haven't known the time all day!  I'm losing my mind, brah! (there's one on the floor or on a shelf in my room somewhere.
. A PICK. (it's on the floor by my bed)
. Tasha (Just kidding.  Not really)

I'm pretty sure that's it.  Which reminds me:  Now you can get into my facebook.

Anyway , I miss you guys and my wife already.  I really need that stuff too though.  So as soon as possible please! Like last week.  Anyway, let me know how everyone's doing.  Even though it hasn't been long at all.  Be sure to post my contact info on my facebook and tell everyone to write me and send me things because this feels like the hunger games.  Anyway, this'll probably be the last letter this family ever gets if I don't acquire the things on this list.  Amen  Elder Storm - dawg

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