Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hola Familia!

Okay. Como estan las cosas?  So this week, we've been in a bit of a rut, we have no one who wants to get baptized and almost no investigators, so we've stopped visiting ALL OF THEM.  we've decided to search only for the people who have been prepared   to receive the gospel.  I still don't really talk much these days, but it's cool because at least I'm no longer arguing with my companion.  I kept everything bottled up so long that I finally exploded the other day and went off on everyone haha. . .but that's okay because I feel better now. mostly.  Okay! story of the week!

We met John the beloved and the virgin, Mary the other day.  There was a guy walking with his robes (yes, he was wearing robes) and his hood up, and like 3 bags of who knows what and he stopped when he saw us, threw the bags down and exclaimed, "ELDERS!" and opened his arms to hug us.   He said, "do you have a Book of Mormon for me?"  We handed him one, realizing he was drunk haha.  He said, "I would baptize myself in your church, but I don't believe in Moroni.  If you can show me proof that he existed. I'll get baptized."  So I told him that the Book of Mormon is the proof, then, this woman came up from behind (As far as we know, her and the man didn't know each other) and the woman said, "What's your name?"  he said "I am the voice that cries in the desert."  and we were like wow you're  John the beloved and he said, call me matthew. then he hugged each of us, picked up his bags and stumbled away  The woman was nowhere to be found.

Does anyone have an interpretation for this incident?  haha hope all is well!  Talk to you all next week!

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