Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 23 2013


Alright, this transfer´s just getting better and better :) I have so many stories for you this week, but if I don´t get them all out, I´ll just tell you in 2 days when we talk over Skype :D
First: It was a dark and stormy night... not really. It was just a regular night, but the story´s still good. So Jackie Chan (My companion) and I are walking home after a hard day of teaching, and there was a bread salesman in the street, so I was like, "I´m starving" and he said "me dos" so we went to buy bread. The guy was watching that movie, The Spiderwick chronicles, and I asked him about it. and he was like, "see that troll in the movie?" "yeah...." "they exist!" And he just went off about how trolls exist and how he went to a ranch with his friend and a band of trolls started to try to get into his truck to "play tricks" on them, but he didn´t let them. hahaha we were trying so hard not to laugh at this guy. and my comp says, "So, does the Chupacabra exist then?" and this bread guy says, "The Chupacabra? that´s just a myth! but trolls! watch out for those guys!" That´s how we started the week.
But it gets better. We went with the bishops wife TODAY, and we asked her jokingly, "Hermana, do trolls exist?" and she looks at us and says, "Well, I don´t know about trolls, but GOBLINS! now those little guys are dengerous!" then she literally goes off on a rant about all the times her sone has been pushed down by goblins in the street and how one lived behind her bookshelf. it was great... but it´s not over yet.
Then, we went with a family, and started telling them about all those stories, and they were like, "Elders, We´ve never seen goblins or trolls, don´t believe everything you hear.... but WITCHES! one of those was tormenting us once!" and then they just went off about how a bulb of light (Which I guess was the witch) was following them around like 15 years ago, and how the ring girl was her daughter´s imaginary friend or something..... anyway, when all was said and done, my companion and I came to the conclusion that we need to go home and check our call letters to see If they say Mexico, or Narnia, because now we don´t even know where we´ve ended up :p

But that´s been our week. never a dull moment with the Rush Hour Companionship! I´ll let you know if we see any more mythological creatures, hahaha....

Stay in school, see you all on Christmas. 

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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