Tuesday, December 17, 2013


ALright, so this week was just full of events. First of all, I found out that being a Zone Leader isn't at all fun and games. It isn't smooth sailin' like everyone plays it up to be. haha, actually, talking to my companion in the morning, he said, "They really shouldn't call us Zone LEADERS, they should call us Zone SERVANTS." hahaha I laughed, but he's right....
Anyway, update wise, One of the first American Hermanas to arrive to Mexico in EVER is in my Zone. her name is Hermana Stout. she lived close to me before the mission, And I'm pretty positive I knew her before haha, but I can't remember from where, but oh well.
Anyway, have any of you seen the Rush Hour movies? well, that's how my companionship is right now! Haha, my comp speaks english like a Chinese man, and I'm black, so we've got the Rush Hour swag. he even said it. he just said that all we lack are the karate skills, so that's what we´ll practice every morning during our exercise time :p I'll send a couple pictures of us, because he even LOOKS Chinese! haha even though he's from Peru. anyway, I'm having a blast and nothing's really bad right now. 5 months and one more week and I'll be out of here :p it's odd to think about... see you guys on christmas!

Elder Stormy Sheppard

Oh yeah, and stay in school and church.
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