Saturday, May 24, 2014

This is Stormy Blog for May 19 2014

Well, looks like I`m quite literally on the home stretch now :p The truth is, I feel like there`s still a ton of work to do. I don`t think it`s hit me yet that I`m so close to the end, at least not in the same way I`ve seen it hit other Elders... But my companion and I are still in the game, haha, we even had a baptism this weekend. Her name is Dulce. She`s one of the member`s girlfriend. She pretty much just walked up to us on the street, said, "I wanna get baptized this month, I already know about Joseph Smith and the Plan of Salvatin, but you guys can help me review everything and then baptize me." And the rest is history. She`s now a very close friend of ours... it`s odd how the gospel does that to a friendship, makes you seem like you`ve known the person forever when you`ve only been friends for a month. Anyway, that`s the big update this week, our zone had 8 baptisms :), And we`re still shooting for the stars. Gotta go, but next week, I hope to have more news. It`ll be my last time posting it :p haha. Stay in school! Remember who you are.
Elder Stormy Sheppard

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