Monday, February 18, 2013

February 4, 2013

How´s everything? everything here´s just fine. I found out that this entire area I´m in right now is built on a mountain. I never knew what it meant to walk up hill both ways until I got here -____-. It´s all good. anyway, I´m having a much better time now that I´ve decided to stop complaining hahaha. It´s WAY hot here, and can you all believe I´ve already been gone 8 months? crazy huh? hope everyone´s save there. hey, If anyone over there feels like they wanna memorize the scriptures, they should serve a mission. trust me, it works :p anyway, still no baptisms really we´re still looking and giving service to everyone we come in contact with. I´ll continue to keep you updated :)
--- Stormy

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