Monday, February 18, 2013

18 Februsry 2013


¡Hola familia!
How goes the war? things are good here. I get along really well with my companion, and in a week I`ll have been on a mission for 9 months. time is flying by and the mission life is some crazy stuff. I feel like I`ve matured so much here and no one`s even gonna recognize me when I get back. haha, now I`m just strolling down memory lane. anyway, we have some people preparing to be baptized, so I`ll keep you updated. they just arrived at church by themselves this past Sunday, we didn`t even make to invite haha. I`m hoping to learn a lot more and I`m starting to feel more and more at home here. haha when I get back, I`ll feel like a visitor when I get back there haha. I don`t even know if I`ll be able to pronounce words right in english haha. well, I`ll keep y`all updated on my life and times as they come and go. nos vemos!

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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