Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hey Family!
Okay listen up, if you wanna open me a bank account (that works over here) and send me a debit card, now would be a good time ;) hahaha jota ka. but seriously. okay, so the mission life has been odd lately to say the least. who knew that so much could change in 9 months in the lives of your family and friends. and yourself.... I feel more grown up, and I appreciate people and money more... I still miss a few friends, but you start to find out who your true frinds are when they stop writing you :p hahaha anyway, we finally got some baptisms lined up for this month, so that`ll be great :) still at the bottom of the food chain in the missionary ranking system, but i ain`t even mad bro! I`ll keep yàll updated on the happenings, sorry they`ve been a little boring lately :p
Elder Sheppard

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