Sunday, March 9, 2014

February 24 2014


This is getting so crazy! yesterday, I completed 21 months on a mission. time flies by so fast it´s not even funny anymore... this week was a little better :) okay, A LOT better. First, we took the bus to the middle of nowhere, and the funniest part about the whole thing is that we saw a sleepin girl, who´s mouth was WIDE OPEN. haha, I guess you would´ve had to be there.. because it was a lot funnier than it looks reading it...
Anyway, in other news, we found this old married couple, back when I first got to this area, and they have a daughter that´s a less-active member. but those two (Rogelio and Cristina) wanna get baptized big time. At this point, Rogelio can do it whenever he wants, the problem is that he wants to get baptized with his wife, and that means she has to go to church... but every week, as the last minute, she´s too sick to go. which is true, because she has more diseases than I can count.. this past week, we gave her a blessing, and she went to church for the first time! we´re finally on the road to success with them, and Jackie and I are way happy for them :)
This week, we had a very important meeting with President Mejorada about the limits we put on ourselves as missionaries, and as human beings.. I´ve realized that, mentally, physically, and spiritually, I´ve been subliminally putting limits on myself my whole life. actually, we all have, haha. we have to think about this though: for God, nothing´s impossible, and, as Children of God, that makes us potential gods, which means, with his help, nothing´s impossible for us either. just think about that the next time something seems "impossible", a word I´m removing from my vocabulary starting today >:)

Anyway, here are some pictures. stay in school! thou shalt not kill. bye!

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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