Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17 2014


Alright, so this week, nothing really crazy, or out of the ordinary, or troll-related happened, We´ve just been trying to get ourselves in gear and show the whole mission how great we are. It feels weird being out here for almost 21 months, but I´m getting used to it. And I know that, right when I´m completely used to being a missionary, I´ll be on the plane ride home... all we really did was clean the house today. I sent some pictures with this though :) some are from last week, and some are from a leadership meeting, where I talked to an Hermana from Costa Rica who finishes her mission the same day I do :p so we became friends because of that :) that´s really all I got this week, the rest can wait to be seen, or said in person, haha. I feel like all this time has passed so fast. see you all soon! :D

Elder Stormy Sheppard

Ps. stay in school.

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