Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3 2014

Hola familia!

What up everyone? okay, so my Argentinian phase officially ended yesterday. Rush Hour is back in action, but Jackie Chan only wants to sleep now... which is kind of weird. I`ll snap him out of it >:)
So this week was awesome, even though we didn`t actually TEACH much, we had a few adventures. the first in that we put on a show in the ward family home evening: The Three Little Pigs (in spanish). I put some pretty self-explanatory pictures here, so that was fun. second, we went to the temple, which was huge adventure in itsalf! everything that could`ve gone wrong, went wrong, but we were a group a valiant missionaries and mambers, and we weren`t about to let a few setbacks send us away from the temple. besides, we had already driven 1 hour, why not 4 more? the hermano we went with got sick, so we gave him a blessing, but he stayed sick the whole drive there until we could get him to a doctor :p then we got there late, so we had to wait even longer to get into the session, then, the icing on the cake: the temple store closes at 2:00pm, and we got there at 2:01. I know, it´s like a movie, and it was already closed! But we were NOT about to be done in that easily. we heard the lady typing on the other side of the door, so we stood there knocking til she paid enough attention to us to let us in (after the temple president told her to ;) ), and we bought what we needed, in spite of all the death threats she made to me (she made them as if she was joking.... but I have a feeling I`ll still need to watch my back in 4 months :p hahaha). and that´s only part of our grand temple adventure. there´s a LOT of oposition when someone wants to do the right thing. not to mention the drive back, but that`s another story :p
And lastly, I was reading a book about the teachings of David O. Mckay, and guess who´s family shows up on page 244 of the spanish version? haha, exactly, I sent that picture too :p

Well, those are my updates. for right now at least. we´ve had a week full of adventures, and all of them wouldn`t even fit here, but those were the highlights.
Until next week! stay in school!

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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