Monday, February 17, 2014

Februar 10 2014


Okay, so before I forget, I have a story of the weirdest Mexican lunch I`ve ever eaten, but this time, it wasn`t for the food :p
So, we walk up to the door (The sister lives in the edge of the outskirts of the ends of the earth of our area), and we thought it would be a normal meal like any other.... we were wrong.
First, The hermana`s son answers the door in a superman shirt. and he answers the door in his Superman stance. Chest puffed out, hands on his hips and everything. and E`Poma was like, "WOW! I had no idea Superman lived here!" and we walk in. when we got into the house, the hermana`s nephew walked in, dressed in red, white and blue, and I was like, "Look! even Captain America came to eat with us!" and suddenly, the baby starts crying. Superman walks over, picks up the baby, and says: "Don`t cry, Hulk, don`t cry." And E`Poma and I were out of our minds like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Hulk lives here too?!" and then we started to eat. We were waiting for Thor, so that we could have the complete group, but we were completely unprepared for the next dinner guest.
Just as we started getting comfortable with the fact that we were eating with the Avengers, we hear the door slowly start to open...
Suddenly, A fat Mexican man in a white wife-beater, with spiked, bleached hair and tatoos walks into the room and yells at superman, "Where are my sandals?!" And E`Poma leans over and says to me, "I didn`t know Goku lived here too!!" hahaha, we were dying trying not to laugh, because Goku was genuinely mad, attacking Superman, and we didn`t want to make him angrier by letting him know that we knew his real identity.
Anyway, that`s my story for the week. and also, today, we had a heart to heart with the whole missionary zone. It was some crazy stuff. it was awkward, but we all talked about our lives before the mission, why we`re here, and how we`ve changed (And how we haven`t changed, for some of us, haha). I was way spiritual and relaxing, even though some people in our zone talk for hours, but it`s all good.
Anyway, I think that`s all for this week. 4 months left and I can start telling these stories in person.. I`m outie, gotta get preaching.


Elder Stormy Sheppard 

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