Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stormy's blog for January 27 2014:


Okay, so this week has probably been the most frustrating week of my life! haha, let`s see, where do I begin...
So, I wrote last week about the transfers, and I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Okay, so first off, When they told me they were sending me to a new area, I didn`t know I`d be opening the area, that means there was no one in the area before so no one`s gonna be showing me the ropes, I have to find them alone for two weeks :p ALSO, they sent me an Elder from Argentina straight out of the MTC, so I have to train him too for 2 weeks until my companion finishes training the Argentine`s trainer. Haha, who know`s why the mission president did this, but I feel entrusted with almost TOO MUCH responsibility... But it`s cool, if this is how God wants things, I`ll get the job done. haha, I guess this is what I get for praying for leadership opportunities :p but Rush Hour will be back with a vengance next week >:)
In other news, and the same news at the same time, we`re living 4 to a house right now... so that`s new, because we had to put mattresses in the kitchen so Jackie Chan and I would have a place to sleep :p
In our first week in Pinos, we`ve found 6 new investigators, and 2 of them are already preparing to be baptized, so this week, I`ve learned that diligence really does get you blessings :) I just can`t wait until this week ends so the dynamic duo can get itself back on track >:)
That`s what I`ve got for today, and a couple pictures. stay in school!!! And don`t ruin your life... it`s not as cool as everyone thinks.

Love (Because Jackie Chan says I need to show more),
Elder Stormy Sheppard

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