Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 3 2014

James Sheppard

Mar 3 2014


This is a day of great mourning and lamentation. last night, the asistants gave us the transfers... and the legendary Rush Hour duo has come to an end. E´Poma´s getting moved out of Celaya, and I´m staying here to finish out the rest of my mission with a different elder... It´s not a happy day for us, but we gotta make the most of it, because it´s our last one together.
Anyway! this week, I have another story to tell. E´Poma and I got on a bus, and a white guy with a moustache and a limp got on and sat across the isle from me. he turned to me and said, "Que Pais?" I told him, "Los Estados Unidos." he said, "What part?" "Utah, and you?" "Ohio."
I asked him what brought him all the way out here to Mexico, and he said "Jesus Christ sent me." I asked him if he was a missionary, and he said, "I´m not a missionary per se." then he went off the deep end talking about how the christian doctrine these days is apostasy, and how Joseph Smith´s got it wrong. he started talking to me about the gathering of Israel, and how he´s a lone soldier of the Lord who doesn´t need anyone´s help to get to the celestial kingdam, because he follows the example of Jesus and "is Crucified daily" as he put it. Jackie Chan was completely lost, and I wasn´t too far ahead of him. I was gonna send E´Quist to him, because he lives in their area, but  I didn´t have time to get his address down, because he suddely stood up, said "I´m getting off here" in the middle of the conversation, and left... who knows where he was going, or where he come from, but he was very confused. and that got me thinking about how there are still people in the world who think that whatever "Doctrine" they create in their own mind is right, just because they thought it up. it´s sad, but those are the updates of this week. the legendary Rush Hour companionship, and Even the zone in it´s entirity are getting split up. this is the last photo we´ll take together until we take one anew in the mansions of our Father. Hahaha, okay, well, that´s it. I´m outie. stay in school, and we´ll see each other in 12 weeks and a day :p

with much Love,
 Elder Stormy Sheppard

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