Monday, March 31, 2014

March 17 2014 


Okay, so this probably wasn´t my BEST week ever, but it wasn´t the worst. just normal. I´m starting to get into a neutral state of feeling... not to the point where I stop working! haha, don´t worry about that, I´m still the same diligent Elder Sheppard, I just feel like nothing really noteworthy happened this week. I didn´t even take any pictures! How crazy. Well, the only big news is that next week, I´ll only have 2 months and 3 days of mission left :p, and it´s been going really well. I´ve reached almost every goal I set before leaving my old life, and I´m starting to realize that I really have no regrets :) now, I just plan on doing more. Sorry this wont be that long, but there are too many things that I have to tell you all when I get home, and I´ve written it ALL down. From day one until now (I´ve only missed like, 4 days cumulitavely, haha :p). Hopefully I´ll have a story of the week next week. until then, Stay in school and Church :)

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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