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August 26 2013

¡Hola Familiaaaaaa!!!

Alright, what´s crackin'? so I´m gonna have to update you all on last week as weel as this one, so get prepared >:)
Aright, first thing´s first, we´re being kicked out of our house. why? because the sister that rents us the house is COMPLETELY insane. and obviously bi-polar. so yeah. we gotta go. but that's alright. it's better to find a new house than fear for my well-being every day, right? hahaha.
Anyway, did you guys know I'm a master at pool? I didn't either until I played. I'm gonna have some good money making skills when I get home, haha ;) So, this just in, the family from Querétaro that was gonna get baptized before I left, Jose and Sofia, they got baptized :) so I´m happy even though I wasn´t there to see it :p
I´ve realized something very important out here in the mission feild: GOD DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES. If we get transferred from one area to another, it's always for a reason. I've realized that because I've learned a TON in every area and from every companion I've been assigned to. I`m gonna come back a spiritual giant :p hahaha.
ANYWAY, this week has been pretty crazy too. this week, someone`s testimony was almost destroyed because some of the teenage girls in the church started to spread rumors about her. My companion and I were so distraught. lucky for us, her testimony is stronger than that. or maybe just her resolve to marry the missionary that baptized her..... whatever, she stayed in the church, that`s all I know. I don`t get into all that, "love in the mission" stuff. but I strongly dislike when someone blames the whole entire church for something that a few members do. they don`t do it with any other church but the "mormons". If the girls spreading the rumors had been catholics, she wouldn`t have blamed the catholic church, just the girls. but they`re mormons so suddenly it`s everyone in the whole orginization`s fault. sad, sad people...
Okay, so I`m pretty sure someone was murdered last night outside of our house. haha, 5 gunshots went off in the middle of the night and I felt like I was in my mom`s hometown for a minute ;p. but we`re safe.
Yesterday, we met a taxi driver who asked where I was from. I told him, Utah. and He told us that he lived there for a while. like ten years, and still doesn`t speak english (big surprise). But he told us that he got so mad over there because a guy called him a racist name, so he killed him, and came back to Mexico without getting caught. he told us he didn`t feel bad at all and didn`t want to repent bacause when he gets mad, he kills. it`s what he does..... that was probably the safest I`ve ever felt on a 20 minute taxi ride...
All in all, I feel super safe here! :D haha, don`t worry, I`m Elder Sheppard, so nothing`s gonna happen to me. but I hope you`re all well :) stay afe and get to know your taxi drivers!

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