Monday, September 2, 2013

Stormy's newest blog for September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013


Okay, so before I forget, last week, when I heard those gunshots in the night, it turns out that a man really was shot and killed outside of our house! yeah, it`s that safe over here. they never found the guys  that committed the drive by, so yeah, I feel even safer. did I write about the earthquake already?? well that`s another story for another day. that`s really the only real update this week, the rest has just been one huge test for both me and my companion. which I don`t understand, because everything was going so well, and now everything´s kind of going downhill. the only thing I ask is that you guys can pray for me, nothing else. I don`t have any other updates other than that this area is pretty much all I`ve been asking for since I got my mission call, And now I`m a living example of the phrase, "be careful what you wish for..."
Hey! I´m gonna attach some pics to this email so you can all see my sexiability >:) until next week,

"So you`re DUMPING me?! to marry a vaccuum cleaner?!?!"- The RM

Elder (Stormy) Sheppard


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