Monday, September 16, 2013

This is Stormy's Blog for September 16 2013



Okay, so I promised I`d catch you guys up on the past 2 weeks today. here it is:
We finally found a new house because the sister that was renting us our last one kicked us out for good. she`s kind of.... special, but whatever, we found a new one, and it`s actually better because we have more privacy and stuff.
In our search for that new house, I realized that I`m not gonna marry a lawyer. women lawyers and I don`t get along too well. Who knows why :p haha, I guess there`s still that part of me inside that defends itself when people treat me like I`m dumb.
I`ve realized something as I`ve been here in this new area: There are people in the world who honestly believe that they have problems that God can`t help them with... we met a girl named Monse, who "believes in God" supposedly, and is having family problems, but doesn`t think the gospel can help her to improve her family life. she says that she prefers a psychologist to God, because psychologists have "Studied" this type of thing. the whole time she talked, I just sat there thinking, "God INVENTED the family! AND psychology!" but she really didn`t want to understand any of it... oh well...
Okay, this week, a sister told me she wants me to marry her daughter, haha. it was like, 10 times more awkward because her daughter was in the room at the time :p and the sister kept asking me if I would marry her daughter. luckily, my companion Elder López saved me from the situation by speaking on my behalf :p then the sister told me that if she were like, 20 years younger, she`d ask me to date her instead of her daughter. Yeah. we got out of there so fast.
We`ve kind of been vagabonds for the past couple of weeks. we haven`t had a place to stay, so we were kind of "house jumping" until we could find a new place, and we always walked around looking like homeless business men with our blankets and backpacks and all that. haha, I laugh about it now, but being constantly outside in the rain was nothing to laugh about at the time.
A sister told me the other day that she had a dream that, after I get home from my mission, I`m gonna come back and introduce her to one of my uncles, and she`s gonna marry him, so that`s new too :p we`ll see how that prophecy goes.
Okay, so I`m still district leader in this same district, but now they`ve added more responsibility to the list: I`m gonna be training a new Elder =0! Who knows if he`ll be from the United States or not, but I really hope not, because they never speak spanish well and I don`t want that to rub off on me :/ but yeah. my companion Elder López already left this morning, and I get my new companion tomorrow :) and right now I have to stay with the zone leaders, which is awesome, because The new ZL is Elder Flórez, my old companion from Columbia that I got along with better than any other, so this next tranfer is gonna be crazy. everything`s changing, folks, even me :p haha. but I`m pretty sure all of these changes are for the better.

Stay I`n school! don`t do drugs! tip`your waitresses!

Elder (Stormy) Sheppard

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