Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 12 2013


Hola Family!!

So, first things first. I can officially solve the Rubik´s cube! haha, okay, with that said, on to mission matters.
So we have bikes in this area, which is slightly annoying, but hey, what can you do? and least the exhaustion helps me sleep at night. I had my first leader conference this week, it went well, and I learned a lot of stuff to use AFTER my mission. Hey, I don´t know If you guys are doing family history, but it´s been following around lately, so I feel like I should tell you guys to do it!
This district has so much potential, seriously. I just hope I can be the type of leader that helps them reach it.... but we´re doing quite well. we´ve found 3 people to teach this week who have accepted a baptismal invitation, but not a specific date, So I´ll keep you all updated on that. oh, and before I forget to put this quote:

"Stop bothering Korean Jesus! He doesn´t have time for your problems! he´s busy with Korean things!!!"

Haha, that´s probably the funniest thing I´ve heard all week :p okay, well, if anything changes, I´ll let you all know, for now just kicking spiritual butt and taking phisical names to open some celestial doors! I´ll send pictures next time because I can´t here. LOVE YOU ALL! Don´t make horrible choices, I´ve seem a little too much of that lately...

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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