Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5 2013


Okay famiy, hold onto your seats, cause this week was insane.

First off, remember the Columbian companion I´ve been with all this time? well, his spirit was obviously one of the stronger ones out here, because he`s now a zone leader! and he only had 4 months in the mission. usually a WAY good missionary isn`t made a zone leader until at least a year in the mission, so that`s way tight.
In my news, after only a month and a half in my area (the least amount of time I`ve had in an area up to this point), they transferred me. to another state again. I`m now in Guanaxoato, which I`m not even sure I know how to spell correctly, and get this, I`m now a district leader. I know, I couldn`t believe it either. I feel like it`s gonna be super difficult, because when I got here, my companion was telling me all of the district info, and turns out 4 missionaries have been taken from the district for problems they`ve had with members and each other, and they haven`t been replaced! so now, my Comp and I are working alone, but in 3 different wards and areas. And It`s my first district as leader, so obiously I want to make a good impression. but it`s all good folks, because if God put me here in the midst of all these problems I didn`t start, that means my purpose here is to finish them. so those are the updates for right now, I`m now in charge of teaching missionaries how to be better when I haven`t even taught myself yet. we`ll see how it goes :p. but for now this is Elder Sheppard, signing off.

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