Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stormy's new blog

Stormy's newest blog 01July2013


Hey family! okay, listen up, this area`s GREAT. me and my companion get along swimmingly, and just so you know, he`s from colombia, and It`s not just a huge drug country like we all think. according to him, Mexico`s worse :p. My new mission President got here on Saturday. I haven`t met him yet, but I`ll let you all know if we get along well ;p. This area is like a paradise of people who wanna change their lives, man. we find new people every day, and although it makes us sad when they don`t wanna continue listening, It`s worth it to find the faithful ones :) . I`ve strengthened my testimony so much here it`s crazy. and I`ve only been here for a week :p can you guys believe how fast time is going?!
So, the other day, we saw a guy get beat up in the street. it was only us, him, and the guys that beat him. as a rule, we can`t fight with anyone... so we just had to sit back and watch til they finished... that morning, we had a spiritual impression the go up that street, and it turns out the guy`s a member, but his mom isn`t. so now we`re visiting him and getting him to start coming to church again so that the next time the angels protect him >:). but that`s really my only update for the week, still getting buffer every day ;) Talk to ya next week!

Elder Stormy Sheppard

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