Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8 2013


Hola familia!!!! 
So listen up, the first thing I have to say is that obedience to God`s laws brings so many blessings! We`ve been obeying the mission rules to the best of our ability, and we`ve found so many people to teach it`s not even funny :D. But my comp got sick so we`re kinf of on quarentine in the house til he gets better. so he can`t get anyone else sick but me haha. lucky for him I`m a Sheppard, so sickness in foreign to me >:).
When I got here, everyone told me how great Quer√®taro is because it never rains... I`ve been here two weeks.... still waiting for the rain to stop -____-. I`ll attach some pictures to this. okay like, 2 or three, since I haven`t sent any lately, but the truth is, I don`t want anyone to see me until I get home with my new found MUSCULARITY >:). 

Anyway, take care family, I`ll send pictures of our next baptism next monday :D

-- Elder (Stormy) Sheppard

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