Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22 2013


Hola Familia!

Okay, this week has been SO STRESSFULL. I mean, we`re teaching like, 2 people. that`s it. I know the Lord`s probably just waiting for us to exercise a little more faith, but I still get frustrated. and on top of that, this ward still has all the problems of last week and more. Satan really is working extra hard on this generation. it just takes two years in the mission field to open your eyes to the world we live in. at first, it made me mad, but now, it just makes me sad that so many people act without any thought of the consequences... It`s happening in Utah too, but that`s another story for another year :p anyway, I gotta go soon, we have to find more people searching for the truth. but I`d like to leave you with a few thoughts:

"We waste more time trying to justify our problems than we do fixing them." -- Stake President (I still don`t know his name)

"Never judge anyone. Because God will make you live the situation of the one you judge in order for you to understand them." -- Sister Quevedo

- Elder (Stormy) Sheppard

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